Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Who we are?
  2. What do we collect?
  3. I can not find my star?
  4. I have added someone and I can not find them in the search?
  5. How do I get someone into the main section?
  6. Why do I have to accept my own promotion?
  7. Can I change the photo of someone in the main section?
  8. My star was not on your site can I add them?
  9. Do you handle pictures with more than one person?
  10. I am watching someone but I am not getting updates?
  11. How long does promotion take?
  12. I am listed on your site but want to be removed?
  13. How do I report inappropriate images?
  14. What is filesuka?
  15. What are points for?
  16. I have an idea about your site or found a bug?

Who we are?

Are you looking for a pornstar, model or celebrity?

We would like to create a database of all porn stars, models and celebrities names and physical characteristics.

The database will be used as a resource for you to find your favourite star. Simply describe what they look like and click the button.

When you come across a picture or a gallery of your star then there is often no name associated with the pictures. You will then have to take your picture and post it in one of the many identification forum web sites and wait for someone to recognise them. It often takes ages.

What do we collect?

The primary source is one of their names. Our database contains 14295 people and 22835 name aliases. You might start with their race.

Are they one of the 25 Arabs, 3594 Asians, 150 Blacks, 668 Indians, 994 Latinos or one of the 8842 Caucasians. You would probably want to narrow your search a bit with a tattoo.

We have 892 registered tattoo descriptions including location on the body, what their design is and there is an area to transcribe any text or colouring. We have 205 scars registered, 5007 moles and 1470 piercings. We can check breast size, hair colour, hair length and many more attributes.

I can not find my star?

Unfortunately our database is by no means complete. Registered users can update people's physical attributes and help build the database.

Everyone has a race, most people have a name or a set of aliases and hair colour. There's a core of properly filled in people to make the site interesting but that's why we need you! We are building our database from all the submissions made here, so sign up and lend a hand.

The name you added on the create page is a display name and is not searchable. It is just used as the title for displaying the person and it may change over time as more is known about this person. If you know the name please add it to the name section. To find the person you will have to search by using the details you have added instead. If you didn't add enough, let that be a lesson! You can also see a list of your uploaded people in the My People section.

How do I get someone into the main section?

The main section is anyone who has been formally identified, i.e. someone who is in the or sections. These people are considered unique within the section and are the primary instances of that person.
You can easily search this section by selecting "identified" on the main search. It is easy to get someone into this section.
  1. Find someone in the catalogue, go to their page and click the "I know who this is !" link.
  2. Enter the name of the person (which may be the same name as they are under already).
  3. Give a link or some reference to collaberate your suggestion (it can't be a link to a page on this site (unless it is a forum post by another person)).
  4. Click "Make suggestion!".
  5. It will go through to the person who "owns" that entry (which may be you).
  6. They will have to accept that this person is who you think it is (which may be you).
It will then reach admin level, I will verify it and move that entry to the section. It does not matter if you were the one to add the person, just as long as they are not in the section already.

Why do I have to accept my own promotion?

If you want to get your own entry into the main section you'll have to "tell us" who they are directly. Your suggestion follows the same path as another user making a tell us suggestion about your person. We are working on allowing you to bypass the acceptance stage for people you own. Note: accepted name suggestions still have to be verified by a moderator who makes sure this person is not in the main section under a different name before they can be promoted fully.

Can I change the photo of someone in the main section?

Currently, changing a photo in the main section can only be done by the owner of the person or a moderator. I am open to suggestions though, so here is what to do.
  1. Add a new person and upload your new profile photo.
  2. Suggest (link) your new person as a duplicate of the person in the main section.
  3. Go to the main section person's page and through to the forum.
  4. Write a note to say your photo is better and give a link.
  5. If I agree, I'll switch the entries and give you some points.
Everyone has a particular attribute or position they like to see photos but this is an identification site so the photo must help with that. Suggested new photos should be taken with the subject facing the camera. If they have long hair then try to find a picture where it is down and the length is visible. If they have any identifying tattoos, scars, or moles then try to get them into the picture. We want to make it easy for people who are scanning hundreds of thumbnails!

My star was not on your site can I add them?

If you are looking for someone you don't know or simply want to upload someone you like then it's easy. Just sign in and click Add in the navigation bar. Upload a photo and fill as much detail as you like/can. (It will be used to help join similar looking people together.) Each person has a profile and from there you can create a forum thread to upload more photos, add information and appeal for help.

Do you handle pictures with more than one person?

Yes we handle pictures with more than one person.
  1. Upload your picture and go to their profile page.
  2. Click the "Clone" button/link, this will copy your entry under a different name.
  3. In the person's edit section you can draw a different box around their face.
  4. There can still be only one person per entry.

I am watching someone but I am not getting updates?

Currently the watch feature is only half implemented. You can bookmark people for your own reference but I haven't written the bit that updates you when that person changes. This is on the TODO list so please bare with me!

How long does promotion take?

Promotion usually takes a day. This time is needed to verify the evidence if there is some or search for the person by the name given. The more evidence you give the less work I will have to do and the quicker the promotion process will take.

If the name needs disambiguating then I make best effort to find them but if I can't then you have not named them and your suggestion will be rejected.

I am listed on your site but want to be removed?

This is for people who have left the industry and are trying to clear their image from the internet.
  1. Use the contact form to request removal.
  2. Give the person url and the reason why you would like to be removed.
  3. I will contact you directly and if you pass my identity verification test I will remove your image or entry.

How do I report inappropriate images?

If you feel that one of the people listed on this site has an inappropriate image then please use the contact form to report it. Please include the url of the offending entry and we will take the appropriate action.

What is filesuka?

FileSuka is a piece of software that lets you create expressions of urls and downloads them, resolving any local name clashes.

What are points for?

Points are used to identified those people who have been most useful. I run this project on a shoe string budget but when I make it big, I'll know who to buy hats and t-shirts for! If I make it really big, then who to buy porn conference tickets for.

I have an idea about your site or found a bug?

We now have a forum for you to discuss any suggestions, ideas or features you might have had relating to the site. If you spot a problem them you can report it here too.

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