Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Who we are?
  2. What do we collect?
  3. I can't find my star?
  4. My star wasn't on your site can I add them?
  5. I'm listed on your site but want to be removed?
  6. I've added someone and I can't find them in the search?
  7. What is FileSuka?
  8. I'm watching someone but I'm not getting updates!

Who we are?

Are you looking for a pornstar, model or celebrity?

We would like to create a database of all porn stars, models and celebrities names and physical characteristics.

The database will be used as a resource for you to find your favourite star. Simply describe what they look like and click the button.

When you come across a picture or a gallery of your star then there is often no name associated with the pictures. You will then have to take your picture and post it in one of the many identification forum web sites and wait for someone to recognise them. It often takes ages.

What do we collect?

The primary source is one of their names. Our database contains 14100 people and 21908 name aliases. You might start with their race.

Are they one of the 24 Arabs, 3581 Asians, 148 Blacks, 661 Indians, 962 Latinos or one of the 8730 Caucasians. You would probably want to narrow your search a bit with a tattoo.

We have 760 registered tattoo descriptions including location on the body, what their design is and there is an area to transcribe any text or colouring. We have 142 scars registered, 4293 moles and 1309 piercings. We can check breast size, hair colour, hair length and many more attributes.

I can't find my star?

Unfortunately our database is by no means complete. Registered users can update people's physical attributes and help build the database.

Everyone has a race, most people have a name or a set of aliases and hair colour. There's a core of properly filled in people to make the site interesting but that's why we need you! We are building our database from all the submissions made here, so sign up and lend a hand.

My star wasn't on your site can I add them?

Simple just sign in and click Add in the navigation bar.

I'm listed on your site but want to be removed

This is for people who have left the industry and are trying to clear their image from the internet.

Use the contact form to request removal. Give the person url and the reason why you would like to be removed. I will contact you directly and if you pass my identity verification test I will remove your image or entry.

The name you added on the create page is a display name and is not searchable. It is just used as the title for displaying the person and it may change over time as more is known about this person. If you know the name please add it to the name section. To find the person you will have to search by using the details you have added instead. If you didn't add enough, let that be a lesson! You can also see a list of your uploaded people in the My People section.

I'm watching someone but I'm not getting updates!

Currently the watch feature is only half implemented. You can bookmark people for your own reference but I haven't written the bit that updates you when that person changes. This is on the TODO list so please bare with me!

What is FileSuka?

FileSuka is a piece of software that lets you create expressions of urls and downloads them, resolving any local name clashes.

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