Leaderboard score sheet

At some point in the future we'll see if there is any interesting analysis we can do on this behavioural data. If there are any mathematicians or statisticians out there that want to help me draw pretty pictures with the data then get in touch.

If you have outstanding suggestions or updates to process then our moderators are standing by to accepted them on your behalf, taking all the points with them!!! Do your bit ;p
Name Points Description
Vote 1 Vote for someone.
Update person 5 Add updates accepted. Multiple points, if you add 5 person updates, you'll get 5 times the person update value.
Accept changes 1 Accept a change from someone else.
Suggestion accepted 10 Person owner accepts your name suggestion. If you are connecting 2 duplicate pools of the same person then you'll get bonus points.
Send for promotion 5 You have accepted someone else's suggestion and put it forward for inclusion in the main catalog.
Accepted for promotion 20 The person owner accepts your name suggestion and has put it forward to be included in the main catalog as identified.
Promotion accepted 100 You have added a genuinely new person to the site for cataloging. Our highest honour! The submitter of the photo and the user who identified them will get this coverted award. Teams a team effort.

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